Welcome to ClinOhio Research Services

At ClinOhio Research Services we have a study coordinator with 20+ years of research experience.  We have agreements with investigators from Columbus OBGYN and Eastside Dermatology (both located in the same building as our clinic).  Our office has over 1850 square feet of office space approximately 10 minutes from John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, Ohio.  There are 2 exam rooms and a CLIA PPMP certified laboratory. Our drug storage room, refrigerators and freezers are continuously monitored by a Temperature Guard® system that alerts staff to power failures and temperature excursions.  We typically complete submissions within 48 hours of receipt of forms and contract responses/negotiations within a week of initiation.


  • Ambient/Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • 12 Lead ECG Machine
  • Premier RX Vaccine Refrigerator
  • Premier RX Vaccine Freezer
  • Security Cameras
  • Temperature Guard® continuous temperature monitoring system for drug room, refrigerators and freezers

Corona Update:

Here at ClinOhio we put our customers’ health first. During this time we have stepped up our game and followed all of the guidelines of the CDC so we can continue to do our clinical trials. We are insuring your safety by:

Taking the temperature of all those who enter into our office.

We ask that all those who are coming in for appointments to wear a mask, and if they do not have one, we can provide them with one.

We are encouraging our employees to use social distancing (staying 6 feet apart) while being around our patients.

Before and after each patient comes in, we are disinfecting all surfaces around the office.

We have tissues, hand sanitizer, and hand soap available

And for those who may not be able to make it in for their appointment, we offer telephone or telemedicine calls for some clinical trials.

We are doing our best we can to keep our patients safe, the clinic clean, and to remain open to continue to work to help those in need.